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Quiet Snow

February 27, 2010

Usually when I walk in the snow I keep my head down and just plow ahead to my destination.  Actually, that’s how I typically live my life, plowing towards the destination.   This afternoon, after walking by a beautiful snow covered Madison square park I started to look up.   The snow was coming in my face and eyes but it was  so lovely I didn’t mind.  To watch it swirling in front of me reminded me of being in the car with my parents in the winter and becoming hypnotized by the snow constantly falling in front it us.   I always wondered how it was they weren’t distracted by the image too.  Headlights catching the falling white powder and the movement of the car made a beautiful vortex I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

Snow holds such a quiet beauty.   During its fall and when it has accumulated.  Whatever it covers becomes a soft field of white,  pure,  quiet,  still.  Even a city is quieted.

I was compelled to take the video above, hoping I could capture the beauty, I’m quite sure it doesn’t capture the moment, but hear how quiet the city is on a Friday aftrnoon.   The man in the video stopped me as he walked by and asked if we could take a picture together,  I just smiled and continued on in the falling snow.

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