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House Vacation

March 24, 2010

On Friday (one week post move in) a friend asked me if it felt real, or still surreal, or like we were playing house.  I was on a chatty roll, a margarita helped that, but this question stopped me when I realized I really didn’t have an answer.  I hadn’t really “felt” any of those things.  It didn’t quite feel real yet, I think that has to do with unpacked boxes and not all the furniture to fill the rooms.  It also doesn’t feel surreal, or like anything hasn’t sunken in which is helped by the fact that we jumped right in to a new schedule and commuting.  It also doesn’t feel like we’re playing house, the stuff feels like ours and the work definitely feels real.  So my answer?  It kind of feels like we’re on vacation, like we’re staying in a room (read house) we’ve made ours with our stuff, but it isn’t permanent.  Yes, that is exactly how I feel.  It feels real, it just doesn’t feel permanent.  It makes sense.  So much has happened at once, and in typical type-A fashion I’ve pushed hard these past two weekends to get a lot done.  There is still so much to do though, and maybe part of the “vacation” mind set is not wanting to really deal with that reality.

And by reality, I mean budget.  I have ideas, I have plans and I need to wait to have the money to do it all.  It is going to be hard figuring out what comes first and what waits.  Like, we didn’t budget for patio and porch furniture as an initial purchase because I figured we could make do without.  After the past weekend of gorgeous Spring weather I’m regretting that.  Yet, some money we have left over is getting sucked up by needing closet systems for our kitchen pantry and our master.  Okay, honestly- we definitely need it for the pantry (there isn’t one) and I just want it for our master.  But this is getting in to the nitty gritty of budgeting, and that is plan old boring.  I’m going to learn an important lesson, that is good.

I may be an adult with a house, but I kind of want a Sugar Daddy to give me some more money to play with here.  I may not feel like I’m playing house, but it sure would be nice to!

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  1. jen permalink
    March 24, 2010 12:34 pm

    oh god, a sugar daddy would be great, huh? i am currently lusting over patios/decks and lovely sets and pergolas on top! And then of course big pots for flowers … a girl can dream! we are still using a set we got for our newton apartment years ago – a square table with umbrella and 4 comfy chairs for $100 at stop & shop of all places! i see these every year at grocery and some big-box stores. maybe a good stop-gap set until you’ve got the budget for just what you want?

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