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I feel it coming

August 24, 2010

We slept with the windows open and fan on us last night, and it was delicious.  I needed the blankets, I cuddled up in them and felt happy.  Sure, I love Summer, but this Summer was hard.  The humidity that wouldn’t quite and the extra weight I’m carrying around did not make for a pleasant Summer.  Maybe it was also not going to Squam for the first time in many years, not having that week of basking in Summer’s glory and wishing for heat so brutal you have no choice but to be in a clear blue lake all day.

I’ve always loved the transition seasons best, Fall and Spring.  I’m happy to put on longer pants, I’m looking forward to scarves and bundling a little bit more.  I’m also not fitting as well in my summer maternity clothes (aka the 3 different colors of shorts I got from Gap) so it is time to get my fall wardrobe out (which I bought to be big on me 3 months ago cause I’m smart like that).

The Fall has always held a lot of significance for me in terms of changes in my life.  I tend to make big decisions in the Fall (uh, relocating to NYC to finally move in with Matt!) and it is when I really start to reflect on my life and the coming year, whether I consider that year starting on Rosh Hashannah or January 1st.

This Fall we’ll start birthing classes, I’ll keep getting bigger, we’ll have showers and turn a guest room in to a nursey and a tv room in to a guest room.

So needless to say, after sleeping with the Fall air last night, when I walked Khadijah this morning in the crisp morning air, I was happy and excited and ready for all this change in the seasons is going to bring for us.

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