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A Week + Out

September 11, 2010

I’ve been on vacation for over a week.  Just 4 days in I felt renewed and refreshed and was so excited I had a whole week left.

Matt and I with Khadijah in tow hoped in the car at 5:30 AM on Thursday morning and started the 12+ hour trek to Knoxville, TN.  It turned out to be 15 hours after many stops for this preggers to pee and stretch her legs and a few traffic jams.  I have to say, the trips do go by quickly, especially since I wasn’t the one driving.  Thanks to a Hubby who loves to drive and drive and drive.

We arrived to excited hellos from humans and canines alike and dove right in to a fun long weekend.  Parks, Hikes, Bears, Largest Treehouses in the world, Football, and great food.  We loved getting to spend so much time with family and I hardly thought about work, at all.

Labor Day we made our way East to Chapel Hill for the second leg of our journey.  More good times and good conversations with family and then it was time to head back North.

The drive was faster than expected so we had to manage disgusting NYC traffic making our way back to Long Island.  Sigh.

But, even with a cold hitting me the first day home, we’re back, we’re relaxed and I’m ready for what is next.

Today I spent a lot of time on the couch watching movements and feeling movements in my belly.  I think E had hiccups this morning.  Adorable.

This baby is slowing me down, considerably.  I’m taking it in stride and letting my body dictate my pace.  Before I was pregnant I would have said screw the cold, I’ll get over it and kept with my plans to go to MA in a day and back for a antique market.  Now that I’m growing a baby inside me, I knew I shouldn’t go, that I wouldn’t recover, so I canceled last minute and spent the day recouping.

I’m proud of myself.  For taking so much time off, for slowing down, for taking it all in.  The returns are many.

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