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Steve Jobs’ Death, and Steve Jobs and Death

October 6, 2011

So, since here I talk about death more often than not, I thought it fitting to write today about Steve Job’s death and his messages about death that so many people are retelling. Death is inevitable, it is a common thread we all share and although it is something most people fear, Steve Job’s spread a message about embracing it in a very motivating way.

When you watch someone you love die too young, some of the fear does leave you. Or for me that was the case, for some it becomes even scarier and the fear of death overtakes the love of life. Having gone through it all, I’ve come out the other side and don’t fear death for myself. I am scared of losing other people I love, and I worry about the affect on others if I died, but I know even more clearly now that it is inevitable, that it is an amazing process to be a part of and it is okay that we don’t know what happens after someone dies. I’ve learned to live with a little bit of groundlessness.

I think Steve Jobs lived with an immense about of groundlessness and it made him wildly successful, at least in bussiness and I would guess in life too.

It’s a good reminder, death, of the reality of life, that someday it is over. We all die. Life and Death. It is something we were very emboldened by after my Dad died, that we could share this reminder, that we could serve as a wake up for others, and it scared the hell out of some people. I to this day believe that much of the shitty reactions I encountered, the people that pissed me off the most with how they responded, was because it freaked them out to think about it happening to them. But, here’s the reality, it will. Everyone dies. Instead of letting it hold you back, instead of allowing death and its groundlessness to leave you running searching for something to hold on to, let it be apart of your life, because it isn’t going anywhere. Hold on to that knowledge and just live. Live a life that you’ll be proud of, put what matters first, do it now because you may not be able to do it tomorrow, in 5 years, in 10 years.

It is a graceful dance, that you may learn, when you embrace that someday it all ends.

So while I sometimes think of this space and worry it is a bummer, I hope if anything it’s allowed others to see through the bs fog we often let get in our way, and remember that we only get one life. I hope it has been motivating rather than depressing. Or, not motivating, but invigorating and refreshing. I hope people read about my journey and think, “yes, life is short, live well.”

Death is a part of life, we all share it. So today, and for the next few, while we remember together an innovator that has helped connect us all, let’s also use the time to remember together what matters most to each of us and share it.

I won’t use this as a platform to encourage people to stop fighting, stop putting work first or stop holding back what you feel because how you want to live your life is up to you and only you.

What I will use it for is to remind you that you only get one beautiful shot, so however you see fit, make it count.

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