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Emilio and the Women

December 5, 2011

The thing about spending an extended period of time with my favorite people is that time slows down and speeds up at the same time.

In the moments, it all feels normal and natural and not too fast.  Each day you think, “Oh, I still have tomorrow, and the next day, there’s still more time to soak this up.”  But then, when you get home late on a Saturday night after sitting in more traffic than you would have predicted which is the worst kind of traffic, you think, “Where did it all go?  How long until I can see those people all together again?”  Too long is usually the answer.

Thanksgiving morning I was busy cooking and prepping and Emilio was in another room spending quality time with his Auntie to be who is really already his aunt in all the right ways.  She later beamed when talking about how he’d cling to her, like he’d cling to me, Matt or a Grandparent, when strangers came in the room.  And given it was a holiday and he didn’t remember meeting all the family when he was 3ish months old, they were all strangers.  At the end of our time together, he was reaching happily for her and his Tia and his Mimi. They were in the inner Emilio circle, which is the best place to be.  Photo Evidence Here.

On Sunday, when a new woman came to the house, without even a prompt, he reached for her to be passed over.  He’s a quick study, our Emilio.  Besides High-Five, How Big Are You and Yay (clap hands), he knows that a woman near him wants to hold him.  Duh.  I think it has some deeper meaning too.  He already gets how important women will be in his life, and that likely, the majority of the women he comes in contact with are going to want some Milio Man time.  Smart dude.

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